Internet explorer for mac os 10.6.8

For a web browser, in addition for Firefox ESR 45 you can also use Google Chrome 47 , which was released in and isn't that old. It is also the last version that didn't have the annoying yellow nag bar "This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because Mac OS X May 26, PM. May 27, AM in response to sdfox7 In response to sdfox7. May 27, AM. Jun 19, PM in response to frankfrompatchogue In response to frankfrompatchogue.

There is also a special fork of Pale Moon for Snow Leopard It is called New Moon. I've used it myself and it is a fantastic browser. The current version is The current version for XP is The name "New Moon" was chosen because the Pale Moon developers wanted a different name to symbolize to users that they no longer officially supported Windows XP or Snow Leopard.

Jun 19, PM. Jun 20, AM in response to sdfox7 In response to sdfox7. Jun 20, AM. Question: Q: Browser for OS Communities Contact Support.

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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. May 7, PM in response to frankfrompatchogue In response to frankfrompatchogue You can try this one. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. May 12, AM in response to frankfrompatchogue In response to frankfrompatchogue No.

How to Download and get Internet Explorer for Mac

So, no more supported web browsers for OS X Here is the last Firefox ESR supported version here. Firefox To dump us because we can't buy a new computer to run a newer OS that is a memory hog is quite frankly, a shame. Shall I just use Safari which is garbage.

Download Internet Explorer For Mac OS X

Or move to Google's products? I can't get History to stop saving. It only makes it worse when I put tracking protection settings on because then in addition to still tracking history streams won't work they end up choppy and stall. There should be a dmg for this to fix the settings and back up the ps file rather than trying to go to the coded tech-head site and sift through the code details. Firefox This is a year longer support.

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Intent to deprecate: MacOS So would it really have been worth the resources, time and build machines needed to maintain support in current releases or perhaps some separate version branch for another year or two? The Firefox 52 ESR support ends at Glad that my dedication will go unrewarded by both Apple and Mozilla. Hi cltaylor12, you mentioned a handful of problems affecting your Firefox Why not start a new question and see whether a support volunteer can help you solve them?

I think that might improve your browsing experience more than making futile demands and expressing resigned bitterness. When was the last time that did any good?? Mac It hasn't received an update from Apple since , which means the OS is terribly out of date and vulnerable to attack. Continuing to support old versions of an OS not only costs development time and money but it actually forces us to not use more modern types of software development practices, resulting in a less ideal situation for users who have more modern OS's the overwhelming percentage of users.

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Chosen solution Yes you can keep using that computer, however we strongly recommend that you update to a new computer as soon as possible.