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Select all files and move them to Trash. Note, this will not remove your attachments from the email server, which mean the next time you open an attachment it will automatically be cached again.

Your final option involves deleting attachment caches on Mac by means of third-party applications. This method proves to be the fastest and safest if you are dealing with a large number of attachments synced through Apple Mail. MacFly Pro is a reliable app capable of safely removing attachments. It knows exactly where to look for all sorts of cached email data in OSX. It also allows to view and choose the files you want to remove. Under the Download Attachments setting pick Recent or None , depending on what you want Mail to keep. The bottom line is that Mail can be quite troublesome to manage at first, yet it remains one of the top free apps to use with multiple email addresses.

Dedicated Mac utilities can help a great deal when clearing out cached attachments. However, if that still is too much of a hassle, you can ditch Mail altogether and switch to a different app.

How to clear cache files on Mac

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. My storage shows that there is almost 80gb being occupied by movies and photos, but I have deleted all my movies and photos. How do I free up that space? Worth checking out if you want to get a whole lot more out of your storage After a lot of false starts, I tried omni disk sweeper. It showed me GB was taken up with cores files.

Fix crashing in macOS High Sierra – remove and rebuild Envelope Index files

Tonight, I figured out what they were: files that began the day I installed Smart PSS, an exterior security camera tied to my computer. It has been taking 1. Now I just have to find out if I can delete them without any problem. But I thought this was interesting news.

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Hope it helps someone else. How do you all feel about CCleaner for Mac? Wake up you muppet! I make it available via Self Service using Casper. They must delete data. For me the bare minimum storage is at least GB. Some people opt for smaller storage because of price, but then they neglect to understand that all those photos, videos, downloads, etc.

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It is the largest segment on my gb drive. If you read the article, the Other storage space is mentioned, and a link to details about the Other storage is provided. Thanks Don. I did read but not very carefully, obviously. When RAM and hard disk sizes first became a percentage average of predicting use,the computer was all but revealed.

How to Clean Up Junk Files on Mac? 6 Useful Tips to You Need to Know

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That cat club sale? If you never plan to use your machine in more than your native language, you might as well remove Russian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, etc. You can always reinstall them if needed later with a reinstall of the OS. If you install apps very often you should run it every month or two to remove newly introduced localization languages. Thanks Patrick. DD also helped me to delete this files.

You will thank yourself later as you avoid this issue, at least early in the shelf life of the hardware. Apple should default all Macs to GB and above for internal storage, this is not Want to check if it worked? Just right click and re-navigate to the options menu. The checkmark will be gone, indicating that the program will no longer open at login. This method works best for individual applications, whereas the previous method of utilizing System Preferences is better for large-scale changes. But you can still disable or remove them with CleanMyMac X — it is extremely well known for its ability to clean up a Mac and help you regain more storage space, and can make your Mac run a bit faster.

Also, it comes with many useful features to make your Mac life easier. One of the features is to get rid of those launch agents. It will also give you a clean working space to start your day and prevent a sudden barrage of new windows, especially since you may not need all of them.

On the other hand, if you know you use certain programs on a daily basis, you can use any one of the above methods to simply enable that program instead.

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It all comes down to what helps you work smarter rather than harder. What built-in tricks do you use to keep your Mac away from annoying auto-launch apps or services?

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  6. Tell us in the comments below! Thank You! The other forum and help responses for getting Tidal to stop opening automatically were infuriatingly unhelpful. How can I stop the Messages app from auto launching at startup.

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    Hi there. Hope that helps. Andy Breakspear. Any ideas as to solving this problem. It appeared. I disabled it.