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Or upgrade to the FULL version and open, edit, save, and convert over file formats! Open documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, audio files, video files, archives, and much more. Save both time and money with File Viewer Plus. What's new in File Viewer Plus 3. Image resize and effects dialogs now scale well on high DPI screens - Bug fix: International characters caused some files not to load - Many other minor enhancements New in File Viewer Plus 3: Un Viewer Gratis que para ver, necesitas comprar!!!


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The free version can view over file types, while the full version supports over file types. Archive extraction is available in the full version only. To see which file types are supported in each version, please refer to our app description page. The Physics Builder file type, with the extension. The Touchstone file type is used for exporting S-parameters, impedance, and admittance values from simultaneous port and frequency sweeps.

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Results visualization can be exported to a number of common image file types; See the table below. Images can also be read and used as interpolation functions for physics modeling. Edit the files in a text editor to add additional commands. Audio Compression Manager Driver.

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Audio interchange file format. Compressed file archive created by AIN. APL file transfer format file. Automatic Image Registration. Array of Intensity Samples graphics Xerox. Format file for working pages Always. General printer information WordPerfect for Win. Menu file WordPerfect Library. Music Advanced Module Format. Compressed file archive created by AMGC. System image file Actor. Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings. Above audio file extension. After Effects Motion Exchange file. Animation file format MorphInk. Animation Presidio - many.

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