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Get Windows 8 and Windows 8. Activate windows 8, fix drivers and compatibility issues, full windows 8. A lista de aplicativos para Windows Phone desta semana traz timas opes para quem deseja fazer criaes com o seu smartphone. J o Uface ideal para quem gosta de fazer caricaturas e. Jan 01, Here is a video on how to work with Windows 8.

If you are still stuck, check out my How to use Windows 8 video and apply what you have learned here with it. Windows 8. This is a list of hardware devices that are shipped with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system. The list, sorted by processor and screen resolution, contains devices that have been confirmed and officially announced by their manufacturers.

Technology Guide , views. Mar 31, Tired of slow buffering, and full cache messages?

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This video shows you how to fix that problem by configuring Kodi to store cache files in your device or computer's internal storage, instead of. The site cannot determine which updates apply to your computer or display those updates unless you change your security settings to allow ActiveX controls and active scripting.

The best way to do this without lowering your security settings is to make this site a trusted website. Feb 25, Hello all, I'm new to the site and this is my first question so please be gentle. I'm decorating my living room and stripped all the disgusting wallpaper away to the plaster I didn't put the wall paper up in the first place, it was already here but when I stripped the wall paper from around the window the plaster all came away above to reveal the cavity between an internal lintel and the.

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    How Do I Eject a CD or DVD From My Mac?

    Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research! Customers who have purchased iSale after December 15th, will receive a free upgrade to iSale 5. Today equinux introduced The Tube 2. Using the new TubeTalk feature, TV viewers can chat with one another about the current program or even follow other users as they channel surf with BuddySurfing.

    For every running television program, there is a visible chat room, in which all viewers can use to chat with one another. In the channel list, each viewer can see how many viewers are currently watching the running program for each channel, as well as when new messages are being sent. Each user can create their own profile, complete with user name, picture and status. The only thing needed to register is an equinux ID. To make it easier to find other users, you can search under all available profile information, allowing you to add your TV buddies to your TV buddy list.

    BuddySurfing - let your buddies channel surf for you Any true couch potato will be excited about BuddySurfing in The Tube 2. With just one click, you can automate your TV surfing, by setting The Tube to automatically switch the channel along with one of your buddies.

    7 tips for ejecting a CD or DVD from your Mac or external drive

    So when your buddy changes to channel 1, 3 and then 6, The Tube will automatically change your channels to 1, 3 and then 6. Recording and Navigation made easy Even if you manually start a recording, The Tube 2.

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    And The Tube 2. Once you have a program scheduled for a recording in the EPG, The Tube automatically grays out any other shows during that time slot, so there won't be any problems with overlapping. Even if the computer is in sleep mode when a recording is scheduled, The Tube will wake the computer up when the recording begins and switch it back to sleep once the recording has finished.

    Easily Find and Save Recordings To find saved recording faster and easier, simply search by name or date and search for keywords in the description texts, to help you easily narrow your search. Users can even search via Spotlight, now that all recordings are saved in the Movies folder. Prices and Availability Registered users can immediately download The Tube 2. VPN Tracker 5 has been completely re-written from the ground up and optimized for use on remote workstations. As well as an entirely new user interface, VPN Tracker 5 also features a greatly improved IPSec engine and a number of useful features for working within workgroups.

    Intelligent user interface reduces support overhead VPN Tracker 5's new user interface makes it easier to configure and manage connections. The interactive help system points out necessary settings and uncovers configuration errors.

    To avoid possible connection errors, VPN Tracker scans the error log and suggests what needs to be done to fix the problem. This helps to reduce support requests. Exported connections can also be locked and encrypted for additional security to prevent unauthorized editing of connections. Higher Security and faster connections with the new IPSec Engine The new interface is great for mobile users, but they'll also really appreciate the new IPSec engine: Thanks to the improvements made to this part of the application, VPN Tracker 5 can establish a secure IPSec tunnel in a third of the time than before.

    VPN Tracker Player is the prefect extension to VPN Tracker Professional in large scale installations, and provides system administrators with an easy way to manage and tweak the user's access to the VPN settings on mobile workstations. The added features in iSale 4. All iSale 4. Once registered with Macbay. Users can create their auctions directly in iSale with all necessary data and assign auction photos with just a click of a button.

    Task Manager am Mac: Was entspricht Strg+Alt+Entf?

    The high-quality templates included with iSale 4. With Stationery Pack, Mac users will benefit from a set of high quality stationeries that give emails more flair using prebuilt email templates for nearly every occasion: No matter if you want to invite colleagues, congratulate friends, send holiday greetings to your family, or just express your feelings, Stationery Pack provides templates that customize your email messages in a more personal way.

    You can sort all stationeries in an intuitive source list by category or by keyword. For years, equinux has been using Cocoa, Apple's highly preferred Mac OS X application development system, instead of old-fashioned Carbon libraries. This enables all equinux products to take full advantage of the latest Mac OS X technologies and be prepared for any future system updates. The most recent software in equinux' portfolio, The Tube, is a good example of these technological advantages. As The Tube was designed from the ground up to utilize Cocoa technologies, equinux was able to add new features very quickly.

    This has enabled equinux to set itself apart from the multitude of other software products. That's why it only makes sense that all of our consumer products are compatible with Mac OS X This foundation gives us a greater scope of possibilities for future product development," says Till Schadde, CEO of equinux. With this new release, equinux grants the wish of French speaking Mac users and improves the overall stability of iSale.

    We'd like to thank the largely growing iSale community for their support in this endeavor," says equinux CEO Till Schadde. After a successful four-week public beta phase, the release version of the most modern TV software for the Mac with scheduled recordings and a free electronic TV Guide EPG is now available.

    The Tube 1. If The Tube isn't running at the time of the show, it will start automatically. Now that these features can also be accessed via Applescript, equinux is offering 3rd party developers the opportunity to add even better support for The Tube to their own applications. Visual feedback assists in programming recordings Thanks to its visual feedback users see at a glance if multiple scheduled recordings overlap.

    The Tube indicates the conflict with a yellow warning sign in the scheduled recordings overview. The Tube will also automatically indicate which shows could potentially conflict with previously scheduled recordings whilst in EPG view.

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    • The integrated search field helps users to find interesting shows by not only searching through the names of shows, but also in EPG descriptions and genres. By clicking on its name, the user can choose to only view the TV guide for that specific channel. Share TV Tips with friends Users can now share their tips for current, upcoming and scheduled recordings with their friends: By right-clicking a show within the channel view, EPG or recording archive, The Tube lets users create a link to that show.

      When the recipient clicks the link, The Tube will open and display the TV tip directly. Users who would like to find pictures or further information about a show can start a Google search from the context menu.

      MediaCentral users new have a wider choice. MediaCentral even includes european channels like EuroNews and several local technology and entertainment programs. The newly released MediaCentral 2. It improves compatibility with Apple's iTunes 7. In addition to various IP TV feeds, MediaCentral offers numerous other forms of entertainment - movie trailers, YouTube videos, music, movies, a skype interface, iPhoto slideshows and online albums like.

      Mac or flickr.

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      MediaCentral incorporates the simplicity of Mac OS X by integrating the Apple Remote, allowing its users to easily and conveniently browse through the channels and navigate through MediaCentral's intuitive user interface. Users can also opt to extend scheduled recordings by a few minutes before and after the scheduled times, to prevent cut off recordings. The Tube will also warn of scheduling conflicts. Thanks to the free EPG functionality, scheduling recordings is child's play.

      Additional information about TV shows can also optionally be displayed. Additional information and images for upcoming shows can easily be searched for on Google via the context menu. We believe that this information should be made freely available to all consumers.