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Unstable Tectonics. Weak Magnetic Field. Holy World. Natural Engineers. Natural Physicists. Natural Sociologists.

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Quick Learners. Rapid Breeders. Slow Breeders. Slow Learners. Gaseous Byproducts. Scintillating Skin. Volatile Excretions. Extremely Adaptive. Nerve Stapled. Very Strong. Latent Psionic. Brain Slug Host. Limited Regeneration. Numistic Administration. Social Pheromones.

Age of Empires 3 Trainer

Somewhat Uplifted. Domestic Protocols. Double Jointed. Efficient Processors. Emotion Emulators. Enhanced Memory. Learning Algorithms.

Logic Engines. Loyalty Circuits. Power Drills. Propaganda Machines. High Maintenance. Repurposed Hardware. Ring World. Tomb World. Flexible Programming. Rigid Programming.

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Shroud Age. Substance Abuser. Arrested Development.

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Agrarian Upbringing. Army Veteran. Warbot Tinkerer. Retired Fleet Officer.

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AI Aided Design. Environmental Engineer. Architectural Interest. Iron Fist. Chosen One. Spark of Genius. Custom AI Assistant. Sapient AI Assistant. Expertise: Industry. Expertise: Materials.

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Expertise: Propulsion. Expertise: Voidcraft.

Expertise: Computing. Expertise: Field Manipulation. Expertise: Particles. Expertise: Biology. Expertise: Military Theory. Expertise: New Worlds. Expertise: Psionics. Expertise: Statecraft. Fleet Logistician. Maintenance Loop. Sentinel Training. Hive Affinity. Void Hunter. Dimensional Stutter. Mercenary Warrior.

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Hell's Heart. Armchair Commander. Army Logistician. Charismatic Leader. Glory Seeker. Corvette Focus. Destroyer Focus. Cruiser Focus. Battleship Focus. Architectural Sense. Champion of the People.