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Psymon has been a maniac ever since he was electrocuted during an attempt to jump his bike over some power lines on a dare. Psymon has raised an already high bar with tricks once thought impossible. Psymon manages to rage against it all. His riding is faster and looser, his airs are no longer astonishing but purely frightening. He has rediscovered his strongest motivator, fear. Text messages was a feature added on SSX 3 where players can receive text messages from the other riders.

However, you can't text back. Psymon doesn't do anything normally. He doesn't even spell his first name properly. Psychotic doesn't even begin to describe his shenanigans on, and off the mountain, which as helped him stay one of the premiere riders on the SSX Circuit. Psymon has always been known as a lunatic - out to hurt himself and those around him by going bigger and scarier than anyone else. With the biggest SSX season yet starting up - Psymon has changed his 'strategy' a bit.

It's become less about the' big and scary show' - and more about channeling the fury into becoming an icon.

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Watching the other SSX'rs reap the benefits of fat sponsors and lucrative marketing - Psymon is demanding his cut of the pie. Although he hired an agent to help him get what he wanted - three days into the relationship Psymon head-butted him repeatedly, reduced him to tears, and caused him to wet his pants in public. Psymon took matters into his own hands - and decided on an image The Riding Master of Metal.

Went back in time to fight evil. Whereabouts unknown. The first side stories focusing on newcomer Tyson Logan.

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Tyson wonders if Psymon is really as good as they say at the age that he is, thirty years old. He tried to out run Psymon several times, but wipes outs towards the end. In the second side story, it's Tyson v. Psymon - as Psymon accepts a challenge from Tyson. In the end, both were neck to neck, and ended their challenge in a tie.

In the third and final side story, the video begins with Zoe and Kaori, thinking about Tyson's skills. All six riders are racing now, but in the end, it's Tyson v.

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Psymon all over again. Check out these three side stories here! Psymon Stark was born in Squamish, British Columbia in When Psymon turned eighteen, he moved to Whistler fulltime and took a job working the graveyard shift as a groomer.

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This played havoc with newbie tourists and ski-school kids but made Psymon something of a legend in the circles that mattered. Off the mountain Psymon was the same kind of renegade. He was an animal. Allegra vs Nate 3. Eddie vs Tyson Looking at the character reveal picture, I'm convincd that Allega and Viggo definitely won in their respective groups, so, at this point, the only mystery is the character number 9.

Is that Eddie or Tyson? Who had more votes? Judging by how popular and iconic Eddie has always been, I guarantee you, character 9 is a de-afroed Eddie. Granola that makes a lot of sense but I can't believe they'd want us to vote for Allegra since she's so popular. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Viggo there as i've said they should give the under rated characters a shot. If you're correct though I would be sad that Skye is not in it. Personally, I'm disappointed that the character list is not larger. I'm still hoping that additional, fully developed, characters will be available as DLC.

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Yea its a bummer that Skye, and Nate don't seem to have made it Having those two would have made this a perfect cast for me but I guess if they want awkward Viggo and cool but much less awesome then his older brother Tyson then I will just have to live with it. I already got Elise, Allegra and Mac looks like he will be my top guy again , Psymon so I'm cool I hope their is some new blood as well Maybe they can fill the void. I honestly believe the character voting wasn't taken seriously.

I think they used it as a guide to see if their pre-chosen character selections were appropriate enough with the public. Eddie is quite obviously not in that silhouette, and he was for sure one of the top votes along with Psymon in week 3. Same deal with JP, unless if they gave him a new hair style or if that guy with the weird pointed hairstyle is JP with a weird looking mohawk. I also think they'll return Skye and I really hope they do , since she's the only Aussie that's been in more than one game and she didn't die out in Blur along with Tyson and Sid. It really depends on whether or not there are 4 or 5 girls in there the second last one COULD be a tomboyish guy, a.

Allegra - if you look at the legs, they're pretty thin, meaning it could easily be a feminine character EDIT: Now that I think about it, the second last one does slightly look like it has braids on it's left and right shoulders. Then again I might just be imagining it. For sure, we know Elise, Moby, Psymon are in there based on silhouettes, and we know Zoe, Mac and Kaori are in there based on popularity not to mention Mac could be 1 of 3 of those silhouettes, if you include the tomboy-ish one.

Yeti - That image is the spoiler for the upcoming comics they'll be making, which only relate to the vets. I think they'll introduce two new characters along with those 10, doing something similar to Blur a la Maya and Felix. Otherwise though, it's not definite that it's him, but it seems like he's most likely to be it. NA wrote: Also, would love Kaori with long hair.

Someone brought up a good point on the facebook page that the character with the strange hair could possibly be wearing a skirt. I figured it was just a jacket that opened up like that, but if it's a skirt then there's a good chance it's Kaori. A solid backup strategy is important—this client could have done a better job at it, but there need not have been such a godawful mess; Apple support screwed up at every step from what I can tell.

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Yesterday I was writing some server code, but I had to run out for an errand. So I started a clone backup and left. It turns out that I had added a new backup drive, that macOS Spotlight had indexed that backup, and when I opened my source code files, Spotlight decided that instead of using the volume on which my original code resided, Spotlight would just willy-nilly show me files off the backup drive.

So I had been editing my code on the backup drive. Now I have a serious reason to dislike it—and this is not the first time I have suffered—today I spent half an hour debugging code Once I figured that out, I took the backup drives out of the Spotlight indexing but the damage had been done yet again this time, my wasted time. Give it a try. The Finder should just build this into the View menu, alas. OWC has improved upon its original USB-C Travel Dock with an upgrade model utilization a built-in cable storage at bottom and a more robust design including up to W of power delivery.

Weight grams , but that is perhaps unavoidable for such a solidly-built item. See previous security tips and previous phishing posts. Back in February I showed one example of a fake Chase Bank phishing example. Below is another, just as badly done, but many people are fooled.

See also:. Phishing is an attempt to induce you to click on something that directs you to a fake web site containing malware.

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The truly unwary will then be persuaded to enter their banking credentials. Or it might just be that you get malware hijacking your machine Mac users are not immune to this. Bait can be subtle, threatening or insulting. All bait is designed to provoke a reaction: fear, anger, an appeal to your innate decency to help with or solve a problem, need to respond to your bank or whatever. Never means never unless you gain the technical competence to verify the email. Even so, that can sometimes take several minutes to be sure—and the more sophisticated the phishing, the easier it is to overlook a crucial detail.

Some of the parts of an email that would immediately flag the email as risky are in fact hidden. In other words, Apple puts you at risk to make emalis look neat and tidy.

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  8. MPG considers it an unacceptable security issue—if you cannot see the obviously bogus header, you might not know the email is a phishing attack. Apple is irresponsible in not flagging such issues.